We have a variety of readings available at Women of Wisdom every day of the week! 

What kind of reaings do we offer?

Psychic * Tarot * Mediumship * Akashic Records * Angel * Psychometry * Astrology * Spirit Art

(some only available for psychic faires)

Who are our current readers?~Liam Galvin

~Dorian Hunt

~Maureen Jardin

~Joe Lynch

~Rachael Macomber

~Rachel Perry

~Terry Porter

~Elaine Rusk

~Lori Doupé Sheridan

~Nancy Smith

~Kim Tink

~Anita Wakim

~Deb Wallace

Meet The Readers!

118 Washington Street (Route 138)
North Easton, MA  02356
Phone:  508-230-3680
Store Hours:  Monday through Friday: 10-8; Saturday:  10-6; Sunday: 10-6